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Wicked Days

Wicked Days  - Lily Harper Hart I went into this book with high hopes but ended up disappointed. I stopped reading about halfway through and called it a DNF. Both main characters were so immature that I really disliked them both. Once I start to dislike the characters, it's hard for me to care what happens to them or in the rest of the story. I might give it another try later on but for now, it's a no.

Mail Order Mischief

Mail Order Mischief - Kirsten Osbourne The story of how Elizabeth Miller, the woman who has matched brides with grooms across the country, finds her own perfect match.

Mail Order Misunderstanding

Mail Order Misunderstanding - Kirsten Osbourne Very short but still enjoyable. Ties directly into the next book in the series, Mail Order Misfortune.

Mail Order Minx: Fountain of Love (Brides of Beckham)

Mail Order Minx: Fountain of Love (Brides of Beckham) - Kirsten Osbourne A little short but a very cute story. I liked Millie's innocence and her willingness to help others; even if she got it wrong once in a while.

Mail Order Memories

Mail Order Memories - Kirsten Osbourne Somehow I missed this one when I originally read this series last year. It's short but so good! I've loved all of the Brides of Beckham books but this one definitely ranks high on the list of favorites.

Mail Order Machinations

Mail Order Machinations - Kirsten Osbourne I love how this book blends the Montana Sky world with the Brides of Beckham series. I look forward to reading Coral's story next.

Mail Order Marvel

Mail Order Marvel - Kirsten Osbourne I liked this book even better than the one before. I really liked Coral more than her sister and I'm glad she found her love.

Victoria: Bride of Kansas

Victoria: Bride of Kansas - E.E. Burke Another wonderful book in the American Mail Order Bride series. I will definitley be reading more by this author!

Lilly: Bride of Illinois

Lilly: Bride of Illinois - Linda K. Hubalek Another of the 50 books in the American Mail Order Bride series. Very well written and an enjoyable story. I will definitely be checking out more by this author.

Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary - Jen Turano I love every book I've read by this author. Great christian reading. And very funny!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes - Jen Turano Jen Turano writes wonderful, Christian fiction with a huge dollop of humor added in. The characters, even those based on real people, are quirky and well written. One of my favorite authors of Christian fiction.

The Christmas Doll

The Christmas Doll - Kay P. Dawson A very short but super sweet story reminding us of the real meaning of Christmas.

Season of Love (Cutter's Creek Book 11)

Season of Love (Cutter's Creek Book 11) - Vivi Holt, Cutter's Creek Vivi Holt took a true event and imagined it happening in Cutter's Creek. Such a great story.

Yukon Yuletide

Yukon Yuletide - Caroline Lee, River's End Ranch Another Christmas at River's End Ranch! You would think getting close to 40 books the stories would get repetitive or boring but they never do. I love each one as much as I loved the first few.

A Carol Plays

A Carol Plays - Kari Trumbo Another great Cutter's Creek Christmas story.

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit - Annie Boone Another great Cutter's Creek Christmas story.