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Third Son's a Charm

Third Son's a Charm - Shana Galen I love unexpected laugh out loud moments like this...
He: "Have you ever worn a cravat?"
She: "No."
He: "They're deuced uncomfortable."
She: "And you think my corset and hairpins poking me all day are comfortable?"
He: "I have no idea. But I feel as though I can't breathe or swallow in this." He lifted the strip of linen, which looked quite limp. "Do you want to see how it feels?"
She: "Very well. You won't ask to borrow my corset later, will you?"
He: "Absolutely not."
She: "Good. I had an uncle who --"

Lady Lorraine may be one of my favorite heroines lately just because she's so not the lady of the ton that she is supposed to be. She chases her dog, climbs down a tree, throws herself at a man, talks about corsets with a man without blushing or apologizing... She's fun. A little bratty in the beginning of the book but she grew on me fairly quickly.